Differences Between Cannabis Types:

Indica Cannabis Type

• Better Sleep

• Increased appetite

• Pain Relief

• Relaxation

• Energizing

• Increase creativity

• Reduce anxiety

• Increase focus

• Relaxation

• Body balance

• Reduce anxiety

• Increase focus

Let’s talk about Indica, Baby…

If you’re not a stranger to cannabis types, you’ve definitely heard the terms Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. And if not, welcome to the canna-club! These strain categories determine the way that the cannabis effects your mind and body. Depending on the strain, the way you feel differs considerably from one another.

Attributes of Indica

Because of the higher levels of CBD cannabinoids in indica and indica-dominant hybrid strains, they are often experienced as more of a sedated, body high. These strains are popular for nighttime use to relieve aches and pains and help the body fall asleep at night.

As far as the plant itself, indicas are identified by their short, broad leaves. They’re often a deeper shade of green, which signifies a higher level of chlorophyll.

Along with cannabinoids, terpenes play a major role in the distinction from one strain to another. Terpenes effect strains in the way that they smell and taste, and differ throughout both indicas and sativas. They can range from citrus, berries, to pine, and more. Finding terpenes that you personally enjoy helps you to hone in on your taste in strains, like finding the perfect flavor profile in a craft brew.

So what do I want?

Although indicas generally have similar characteristics, each individual strain has things that make them unique from one another. Keep in mind your preferences when it comes to smell, taste, and the experience you are seeking out. The properties of indica strains are present beyond just flower. Consider trying edibles, tinctures, vapes, and more to control the length and intensity of your high. Do you want to feel mellow, creative, focused, happy, hungry? For how long? Let one of our blissologists know and we can help point you in the right direction!

By equipping yourself with knowledge on your own tastes and preferences, you will start to understand what cannabis types are best for you.

That Sativa Smile:

Most users know that the two main distinctions of marijuana strains are sativa and indica. Indica puts you in-da-couch ready for a good binge or better yet, some zzzzs.

Most likely a Sativa strain at work on your beautiful self. Sativas have been and still are considered to be the strain that uplifts our emotions.

There are many reasons for this and it can be further illustrated when looking at the effects and make up of sativas. Typically, any sativa strain can be described as delivering energizing, uplifting, and cerebral highs. Which is why sativa strains are often used to treat anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. They are also said to increase the focus and creativity of the user. This can be attributed to the increase serotonin in the body when sativas are consumed. This neurotransmitter regulates mood, appetite, and sleep and generally makes a person happier.

When someone is more energized, they will be more active, allowing for an escape from the mundane. This in turn uplifts their mood and temperament making for a happier camper. Not only does this strain affect the chemicals in the body positively it also activates the mind in an uplifting way. Check out any sativa strain next time you’re on the hunt for a good time.

Sativa/Indica Hybrids

Hybrid cannabis plants have both indica and sativa parents, so they often have a mix of effects. Depending on the dominant strain, each one is unique, so your bud-tender is a great resource for deciding which to try.

All these traits are a great place to start,keep in mind that everybody experiences cannabis differently. While these reputations exist for a reason,if you already know that you consistently enjoy one category over the others, stick with your winning strategy. But, don’t be surprised if you just adore one particular strain